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The combined exhibition for the food professionals

12-14 November 2022

Metropolitan Expo – Hall 3


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“With targeted and thought-out actions, the 7th exhibition is launched with a new design and promotion image. It acquires a unique character and an identity, which completely differentiate it from other food trade fairs held in our country and build an international profile in image and substance.”

Co-organisation of 3 exhibition units

Under the name MDF EXPO, derived from the three Meat/Dairy/Frozen markets it represents, the 2022 event will bring together food professionals, from the production, processing and food service sectors, in an exhibition event with great prospects, substance, character and important visitors from Greece and abroad.

These are the strong sectors of the Greek economy – which are loyally and consistently served by the O.MIND CREATIVES exhibition – of meat & its products (MEAT & GRILL DAYS), dairy and cheese production (DAIRY EXPO), frozen food (FROZEN FOOD) and the cold supply chain (FOOD LOGISTICS), which is the connecting link of all these products.

Visitors will find industrial equipment and packaging solutions, food processing machines, raw materials, food merchants and everything else needed for their business.

12-14 Νοεμβρίου

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Meat & Grill Days

12-14 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Metropolitan Expo – Hall 2

The main sector of the exhibition, covering the larger exhibition area, is MEAT & GRILL DAYS, which is the only sectorial exhibition held in Greece concerning meat and its products, processing machines and food service.

It is aimed at meat industries and laboratories, butcher shops, mass catering and every professional dealing with meat, the ultimate protagonist in nutrition.

For further information please visit Meat & Grill Days

Dairy Expo

12-14 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Metropolitan Expo – Hall 1

The DAIRY EXPO exhibition, which is the only sectorial exhibition in our country on Dairy and Cheese Production, highlights an excellent sector, with a present and future, and with strategic importance for the development of the Greek economy.

It features cheese and dairy products, modern methods and machinery for the production process and packaging and display solutions for these products.

For further information please visit Dairy Expo

Frozen Food

12-14 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Metropolitan Expo – Hall 1

The FROZEN FOOD exhibition on frozen foods, throughout the food chain (fruits, vegetables, seafood, dough, etc.), complements the two other sections of the exhibition, for a complete and comprehensive presence of the food service.

It provides solutions for industrial cooling, refrigeration chambers and the packaging of frozen foods, which are essential “tools” in the industry and processing of agricultural and livestock products, but also in food processing in general.

For further information please visit Frozen Food

Food Logistics

12-14 Νοεμβρίου 2022

Metropolitan Expo – Hall 3

The puzzle of these exhibition sections is completed by the food and beverage supply chain with the special section of FOOD LOGISTICS. This section, which was included for the first time in the 2018 exhibition, offers a multitude of solutions to merchants, producers and distribution networks for the best service and handling of orders in Greece and abroad.

Storage and refrigerated Logistics services, food transport, refrigerated warehouse equipment, information systems for controlling and recording temperature & humidity, as well as commercial vehicles for transportation under cooling/freezing conditions, will be presented. This section will be hosted in Hall 3, at the “SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS” exhibition.

In organising the 2022 MDF EXPO, technology will play an important part in order to operate in a dual “Hybrid” way, i.e. by live-streaming the exhibition.

The use of this technology will attract thousands of additional visitors without geographical limitations, who are unable to attend the exhibition venues in person.

More specifically, throughout the exhibition, there will be a live broadcast from the exhibitors’ booths, the events and the conferences, based on a specific daily online viewing programme, and a special platform for viewing similar events, which will allow any interested professional to watch it remotely from Greece, Cyprus or abroad, free of charge, from their computer. In fact, “online” visitors will have the ability to communicate, in real time, through live chatting or teleconference, with the exhibitor who is presenting at that moment or even with the panel of speakers at the conferences.

Additionally, on this online platform, exhibitors will be able to post promotional videos of their products and services, in order to provide more information to their potential customers who will visit the exhibition online, and there will also be the possibility for live web cam at the booths.

O.MIND CREATIVES has already successfully implemented this technology in digital conferences and events since June 2020.

The Organising company


O.MIND CREATIVES counts 17 years of a steady and successful course in the particularly demanding field of organising exhibitions & conference events, publishing sectorial magazines and designing printed & digital advertising.

With an “open minded” approach to the great challenges and opportunities opening up for Greek entrepreneurship, O.MIND CREATIVES enters the new decade with an evolutionary and structured design of the MEAT & GRILL DAYS, DAIRY EXPO and FROZEN FOOD exhibitions, which, with the new identifying heading MDF EXPO – from the initials of the 3 Meat/Dairy/Frozen markets – will dynamically re-establish on 12-14 November 2022 the exhibition market in the food industry and trade.

At the state-of-the-art Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre, the 7th event of the three exhibitions will become the crucial “connecting link” between the market, the clients and the businesses who are active in the sectors of meat & its products, mass catering, dairy & cheese production, frozen food and food logistics.

Visit the Organising company’s website O.mind Creatives

Magazines & Publications

Since 2005, we have been publishing professional magazines on logistics, the food industry and mass catering.

Online News

The information we provide spreads throughout the world through the news web sites we have created and continue to develop.

Trade Fairs & Conferences

We bring together professionals through the Trade Fairs and Conferences we organise for key sectors.

Printed & Digital Advertising

We design publications, advertisements and logos as well as develop websites and manage the social media presence of your company.

Meat-Dairy-Frozen 2018

Visitor Statistics

Supermarkets - Delicatessen - Grocery Stores - Dairy Shops
Mass Catering Enterprises (restaurants, steakhouses, hotels, etc.)
Livestock Farming & Breeders
Various Professionals, Agencies, Students
Meat and Cold Cuts Laboratories and Industries
Milk & Cheese Industries & Laboratories
Traders of Professional Equipment & Machinery
Scientists, Zootechnicians, Veterinarians, Food Technologists
Meat-Dairy-Frozen 2018

What exhibitors said

87% were satisfied or extremely satisfied


93% described the exhibition as satisfactory or exceptional


81% described the exhibition’s advertising as excellent


40% made contact with foreign visitors


80% said they would participate in the next exhibition

Meat-Dairy-Frozen 2018

What visitors said

78% found what they were looking for


92% rated the exhibition satisfactory to exceptional


91% will visit the exhibition again


85% found parallel events very interesting

Great advertising promotion in Greece & abroad

The exhibition’s success and its continuous improvement and development is based to a large extent on the promotional activities to attract targeted visitors.

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Health safety measures for

Exhibitors & Visitors

The MDF EXPO exhibition will be held in accordance with the Health Protocol in force in autumn 2022 by the National Public Health Organization for the organisation of trade fairs and distance-keeping rules in public places to limit the dispersion of Covid-19 coronavirus.

The Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre, which hosts the exhibition, obtained covid-shield certification from TÜV Austria, which ensures that all health rules set by the State are applied. Metropolitan Expo has already adopted and implemented a process of automatic temperature measurement of visitors before entering the exhibition centre areas, antiseptic stations, procedures and distance markings and a number of necessary measures to create a safe exhibition environment for professionals.

Detailed reports on the protection measures, which will be in force and implemented will be provided in good time to exhibitors and visitors before the exhibition starts.

Visitor Accommodation

You can contact the hotels in the “Hotel List” and mention that you are a visitor or exhibitor at MDF EXPO 2022.

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